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P2 Card - 8gb - Panasonic
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8gb card give you 8 min in 720/60p or 20 min in 720/24pn.

Innovative PC Card Media for Professionals

P2, which stands for Professional Plug-in, is a compact solid-state memory card designed for professional AV use. Compliant with PC Card standards (Type II), the P2 card plugs directly into the card slot of a laptop PC.* AV data on the card mounts instantly, with each cut as MXF and metadata file. The data can be used immediately – no digitizing necessary - for nonlinear editing, or it can be transferred over a network.

*The P2 card driver (standard equipped) must be installed. The P2 card driver operates under Windows XP and Windows 2000.
Super-Compact Cards with Large Capacity and High Speed

In developing the P2 card, Panasonic applied some of the same technology that proved so successful in the SD Memory card. Basically, four SD Memory cards are packaged together to create a single P2 card. This gives the P2 card four times the capacity and four times the transfer speed of a single SD Memory card.

Now the P2 line-up is growing. The new AJ-P2C008HG is an 8GB-capacity card that extends DVCPRO or DV recording time to 32 minutes. And this 8GB P2 card supports 8 minutes DVCPRO HD recording. The P2 far surpasses all other AV media in transfer speed, too. The AJ-P2C004HG and AJ-P2C008HG transfers data at up to 640 Mbps, which can greatly speed up production processes.
Repeatedly Reusable

Solid state memory has the unique advantage of being rewritable, over and over again, in part because it is a non-contact media and requires no rotation. You can use the same P2 card again and again for years – slashing media expenses while also minimizing impact on the environment. To help manage this reuse, a serial number is printed on a bar code on each P2 card. This makes it easier to identify and track cards when they're in a PC or checked into or out of inventory. P2 cards also have a write protect switch that helps prevent accidental data deletion.
Reliable in the Face of Shock and Temperature Change

The super-slim P2 card weighs only about 1.5 ounces (45 grams). Yet it's anything but fragile. These rugged cards provide the superb reliability only a memory card can provide and are suitable for news gathering in even the harshest environments. Despite their compact size, P2 cards withstand shock up to 1,500 G and vibration up to 15 G, operate in temperatures from –4 to 140°F (–20 to 60°C), and can be stored in temperatures from –40 to 176°F (–40 to 80°C). In durability too, the P2 card goes well beyond ordinary PC cards. Its connector, portion, for example, is specially designed for professional use and has passed insertion/removal tests of more than 30,000 cycles.
SD/HD Migration with the DVCPRO Family

P2 cards can record in DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO and DV. And they can be used with current equipment of those formats, so you can transition easily from tape to solid-state cards. The H-Series P2 cards also support DVCPRO HD recording with the new AG-HVX200 HD P2 handheld camera-recorder. A new 8GB card has also been added to the P2 line-up. P2 offers the seamless SD/HD migration path that distinguishes the DVCPRO family, and it supports the IT-based news gathering concept that promises to revolutionize the industry.