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HOME : Cameras : Digital S35mm and Large Format : Canon C300 (Mk 1 or 2) :
Canon C300 Standard Package
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Canon C300 rental body and basic accessories. Glass not included.
Division has tested the Canon C300 camera rental process to develop a package that addresses the needs of a variety of shooting conditions. Our Canon C300 rentals are supported by our 24/7 support, and we can design the perfect workflow for your production.

The Canon C300 rental camera sensor is 4K (3840 x 2160) in resolution, with a unique color pattern that produces a very clean 19201080 signal. With a native ISO of 850 the camera produces a clean signal all the way up to 20,000 ISO, giving great low light performance.

The Canon C300 dynamic range remains relatively stable at all ISOs, at a total of about 12 stops of visible detail. But highlight latitude gradually diminishes at ISOs below 850 due to the methods used for signal processing. The total amount of dynamic range isn't reduced. It tends to shift at lower ISOs, providing more range in shadows, while curtailing highlight detail above 18% middle gray.

Canon C300 camera rentals are ideal for documenteries, reality and run-and-gun indie filmmaking. The body of the camera is light, compact and designed to be handheld, with a detachable hand grip that can control the camera. The unique design is very easy to hand hold. The cameras 4? LCD screen and audio interfaces are also detachable. The LCD screen attachment can be positioned in many different locations and rotated for better viewing. It also features full menu control, audio control and two XLR inputs. The LCD unit connects to the camera with two cables, giving it a lot of placement flexibility. The rear of the camera also has a small LCD panel, which features camera status info such as frame rate, shutter and ISO. Dials on the back of the camera and hand grip can quickly switch through these settings.

The Canon C300 rental camera has two CF cards slots and records in 50 Mbps 422 8-bit MPEG2 compression. Video can be recorded to either card, or both at the same time for redundant recording. Video resolutions and frame rates include 19201080 at 23.98p, 29.97p and 59.94i fps. Additionally, a true 24p mode is available for those doing film outputs. In 1280720 mode, frame rates from 1-60p are also available for slow motion. All of these signals can be sent out over HD-SDI or HDMI, which gives you an uncompressed 8-bit signal. The camera also has genlock, timcode, and LANC connections for multi-cam operation and remote control. A WiFi port is also available, and with an additional accessory you can control the camera with a tablet.

Internally, the camera has a host of impressive functions including full painting controls for scene files. Many different gamma modes are available including one that matches Canons HDSLR cameras, as well as a Canon Log mode for the most dynamic range (learn more about Canon Log here). Setting can be saved to an SD card, and moved between cameras. A waveform and vector scope are also built in for adjusting exposure and color.

Key Features:

New Canon Super 35mm CMOS Sensor
Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor
Canon XF Codec
Ergonomics & Design
CF Memory Card Recording
Multiple Recording Formats and Advanced Recording Connectivity
Full Manual Control and Focusing Aids
WFT Wireless Remote Control over Wi-Fi

Card Capacity 50Mb/s (CBR) 35Mb/s (VBR) 25Mb/s (CBR)
8 GB 20 min. 25 min. 40 min.
16 GB 40 min. 55 min. 80 min.
32 GB 80 min. 110 min. 155 min.
64 GB 160 min. 225 min. 310 min.
128GB 320 min. 445 min. 625 min.