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Redrock Micro Cinema Lens Adapter w/ PL Mount
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base, relay lens, rods, plate, rod support, manual, AC cable, nikon or PL lens mount
Benefits and features

Works with the Digital video or HD camera you have today

The M2 is designed to work with just about every modern DV and HD/V camera available

* M2 has been tested with:

o Panasonic AG-DVX100, DVX100A, DVX100B
o Canon XL1, XL1S, XL2, GL1, GL2, GM2, HV20
o Sony Z1, FX1, FX7, V1, A1, HC1, HC3
o JVC HD100, HD110, HD200, HD250, HD10, HD20
o Panasonic DVC30, DVC60
o Panasonic HVX-200
o Sony PD150, 170, PD100
o Sony PC9
o Canon XL-H1, XH-A1, XH-G1

If your camera is not on this list, read these technical requirements to determine if the M2 is for your camera. If youre still not sure, drop us a line at

Achieves cinema-quality depth-of-field

* Create stunning images with shallow DOF using 35mm lenses
* Use techniques such as racking focus and follow focus to enhance your look

Supports interchangeable lenses to get the exact angle of view and focus you want

* Attach a 20mm wide angle lens for your master shots, switch to a 50mm for your standard scenes, then bump up to a 85mm for that shallow depth-of-field close-up.

Uses a wide variety of 35mm lenses even 35mm SLR camera lenses

* Choose the type and brand of lens that works best for you and your budget
* Mounts are available for Canon MF, Canon AF, Nikon, PL, and OCT-19, and Pentax.
* Interchangeable mounts let you upgrade your lenses as your project or needs change – start with inexpensive Nikon or Canon still lenses, and maybe for the big shoot rent some Cooke or Arri Ultra Primes (just make sure you have the correct M2 mounts – check with us)

Works with the camera you will have tomorrow

* DV camera owners desiring the M2 but are looking to upgrade to HD cameras in the future can feel confident their M2 investment.
* The M2 is designed to be camera-independent, allowing you to preserve your investment in the M2 as you upgrade your camera. Make sure to check the list of M2 tested cameras to ensure compatibility

Compatible with popular accessories such as Matte Boxes and follow focus units

* Uses industry-standard 15mm support rods.

Works with other Micro products

* Redrock Microsystems is dedicated to bringing cinema-quality products at revolutionary prices.
* The M2 will be compatible with future products from Redrock Microsystems including the microFollowFocus and microMatteBox. Please sign up for our newsletter and we will notify you of future product announcements.