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Light Meter - Sekonic L-558
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The Sekonic L-558R DUALMASTER is the first multi-function light meter that incorporates a wireless triggering transmitter built-in. It has been designed to meet the challenges of today's film and digital photographer. It offers a 1 spot meter that measures reflected flash output down to an amazing f/2.0 (ISO 100). Its parallax-free lens eliminates erroneous close-up photography light readings. A digital readout through the spot viewfinder displays all-important exposure information. With a turn of a knob the L-558R DUALMASTER changes from an incident meter to a reflective spot meter for both ambient and flash measurements, all-in-one rugged, compact, all-weather housing. Selecting aperture or shutter priority modes or EV is as easy as turning the Jog wheel. Simultaneous evaluation of ambient and flash is displayed in three convenient ways. Unique features such as meter calibration, exposure compensation and CINE settings offer the flexibility that today's photographers require.


* Analyzing Function
A simultaneous reading of flash and ambient light is analyzed. The readings are displayed in three different ways on the LCD:
1. Combined readings of flash and ambient
2. Percentage of flash in the total exposure
3. Simultaneous display of flash, ambient and combined readings on the analog display
* Retractable Lumisphere
A built-in adjustable incident dome (Lumisphere) provides full measuring in the standard position or when retracted, provides cosine corrected light readings for individual light source measurements or flat artwork.
* Memory Mode
9 memory banks are available in both Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes, making contrast evaluation and averaging possible in both modes.
* Illuminated Direct Display
Both shutter speeds and apertures can be displayed in full, 1/2 or 1/3 step increments plus 1/10 stop units to accommodate most camera manufacturer's settings.
* Exposure, Calibration and Filter Compensation
Exposure compensation of +/-9.9 EV
Calibration compensation of +/-1.0 EV
Filter compensation of +/-5.0 EV
* Dual ISO Settings
Allows the photographer to take single light readings and display the exposure settings in two different ISO film speeds such as negative film and Polaroid proofing film. The second ISO setting is also ideal for calculating exposure compensation such as filter factors or bellows factors, without having to change the original film speed settings.
* Cine Speeds
Complete range of full and half-frame speeds from 2 to 360 fps (frames per second).
* Full-Featured Flash Measurements
1. Cord Flash Mode (Cumulative and Non Cumulative)
2. Cordless Flash Mode (Cumulative and Non Cumulative)
3. Radio Triggering Mode
* All Weather Design
All buttons, switches and compartments are sealed and the meter housing has been constructed with durable, rugged conditions in mind. Ideal for shooting in sandy, rainy or humid conditions.
* Spot with Digital Display
The L-558R DUALMASTER features a rectangular 1 parallax-free spot viewfinder. In dim or bright light situations, the L-558R DUALMASTER's spot viewfinder displays f/stops, shutter speeds and more. The built-in spot meter measures both reflected ambient, flash or combined lighting. The optical finder also features an eyepiece with an adjustable diopter.
* Built-in Radio Transmitter Module
Electronic flash units and/or cameras can be triggered wirelessly with the built-in digital radio Transmitter (compatible with all PocketWizard Digital Rad